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RSS Syndication on the web - The real Buzz with the glamour orange buttons rss.gif (1137 bytes) xml.gif (429 bytes)  and the  Feed Readers that allow you to track and monitor news from multiple websites -- all from your desktop! I hope this page offers a straightforward exploration of the Syndication and promise the great MJ Akbar Byline Reads along with other Feeds at your own leisure. RSS is the way of Tech freedom and these Internet Publishing changes will let your browsing experience be more smoother and convenient - on Your Desktop, News n Bylines n Book Reviews, Blogs at your fintertips! Knowledge is Power & RSS Feeds are getting Super Power. Enjoy! If you feel the need to understand, please do not hestitate to write to me :-) Viola, I am here as a Tech Whizz exploring the web! ! 

- ilaxi 
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What is RSS?
"RSS" stands for Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary.
It is a standard for publishing regular updates to web-based content. Web publishers provide updates of their sites, Blog postings. Readers use RSS Reader applications like Newsgator/Yahoo/Feeddemon to collect and monitor their favorite feeds at one place. RSS content from a publisher viewed in one of these readers is often called a "Feed".
Who Publishes RSS Feeds?
Many websites, Newspapers and Blogs on the web now offer content using RSS feeds:
How to read RSS Feeds?
Many choices! However, there are many Desktop Applications for Windows and Mac OS System users. I use Windows Application i.e. FeedDemon which is my Fav. This is a Free Trial for some days but is worth a small purchase price as it has easy use and leisure read on Desktop. Also pre-loaded with some interesting Feeds to explore. NetNewsWire is used for Mac OS X. Free readers are available as well. A search for "RSS Reader" at popular search sites will get you great results.

If your preference fall for Online Service to track and manage your Feeds and also add a host of great Feed Reads, Newsgator, Pluck etc. are the 'Best'. My Fav is Newsgator as you have the advantage of being able to access your Feed Updates anywhere you use a Web Browser (Also on Mobile Devices). Any upgrades or new features are also added automatically. My Yahoo & My Msn is the Best example of RSS Feed Reads that allows you to set up your own News Online Space. 
How to publish  own RSS Feed?
If you have a website or weblog, you can add RSS syndication as a publishing option, in some cases automatically like Typepad or Blogger Publishing tool. If your Host aministration tools offer feed-related options or controls, its fine otherwise website owners need some programming skills in order to add RSS syndication capabilities.
Subscribe to an RSS feed
Look for the RSS.XML Buttons like the juicy Orange and they provide the RSS Feed. It can be in various forms:

The Juicy Orange Button :  rss.gif (1137 bytes)
XML(Mark up language used for RSS) :
xml.gif (429 bytes)

The orange feed button Subscribe Feeds

Enter the url with atom, rss.xml, etc. In My Yahoo, add Feeds with url for eg. http://feeds.feedburner.com/mjakbarbylines  or click to
Add to My Yahoo! or Subscribe in NewsGator Online for online Feed Reads. For FeedDemon, you need to add the url as above.

For this blog www.mjakbar.org, it has the Blogger Powered RSS feeds of the Blog posts.

RSS Glossary
RSS : Real Simple Syndication. RSS is a family of XML file formats for Web syndication used by news websites and weblogs. You simply want to surf your fav ten websites in 30 minutes. If you've subscribed in Feed Reader, it automatically tells you when something new is posted online. Thus, you spend less time searching for content and more time exploring your fav ten and enjoying it. 
XML: This is a mark up Language used for RSS
(Major mark up languages: Atom, RSS)
FEEDS: Feeds are links with the latest changes to a website, often with brief descriptions and links to the full article.
RSS READERS: Many readers including Google Readers and others like:

 Subscribe in NewsGator Online

Add to My Yahoo!

BLOG: Diary, Journal, referred as Weblog. Daily or random updated by Bloggers who can be anyone
who wish to write their thoughts, news, views, opinions, etc. Who need not register a domain or host but can use
services of wordpress, Blogger, etc. which are Free and Type pad, six apart services for a nominal charge.
SUBSCRIBE: The small RSS XML button stands for the Feed urls and can be subscribed for Leisure and random Reads at your own Desktop. This can be done by adding RSS url or like MY Yahoo/My Msn buttons provided on Publisher sites.

Subscribe Feeds (M J Akbar) - This allows you to subscribe and you can read the feeds in your desired Feed Reader

Subscribe Feeds ( M J Akbar Columnists Posts ) - This allows you to subscribe and you can read the feeds in your desired Feed Reader

Click Here for More Help - http://www.google.com/support/feedburner/bin/answer.py?answer=79408

RSS RESOURCES:Webmaster or Developer who manage a complex or custom content management system, here are tutorials to help you get started with RSS Publishing. These resources are bound to help you in getting your own RSS on web.

Many services offer built-in tools to publish and update RSS feeds easily. eg. Blogger, MovableType, Wordpress, Live Journal, Typepad, and other blog-hosting services automatically create RSS feeds.Sites like feedfire.com,  myrsscreator.com  generate feeds for webmasters who can't understand tech.


RSS wiki : Wikipedia 
Robin Good's Mini Guide:  Robin's RSS Wiki 


" Content is King & Traffic is Queen - RSS gives you Both"

FeedForAll - Easily create, edit and publish RSS feeds. RSS feeds can be quickly and easily
created with FeedForAll.

RSS Books:


Subscribe Feeds (M J Akbar) - This allows you to subscribe and you can read the feeds in your desired Feed Reader

Subscribe Feeds ( M J Akbar Columnists Posts ) - This allows you to subscribe and you can read the feeds in your desired Feed Reader

* Subscribe to read in Newsgator, google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. If you have a website or a Blog, you can add the Feed url as follows and the posts will reflect on your blog (eg. below on sides of Twitter Updates)

M J Akbar's Posts : http://feeds.feedburner.com/mjakbarbylines

M J Akbar Columnists Posts : http://feeds.feedburner.com/MJAkbarColumnistPosts



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