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Some mails are overlooked for inclusion here. Maybe oversight or lengthy mails, lack of time for updating this section or whatever. However, be assured, MJ reads all the emails. He may reply or may not - But, he keeps updated with your views, suggestions, bouquets or brickbats!

I have been following your articles with great interest for a very long time. Most of your articles are thought provoking and written after a great deal of in depth study. Why is that the Pakistanis hate India so much? We are not a threat to them. On the other
hand, both may benefit from the other if only we work with an open mind. Pakistan Govt's Hate India Policy has only landed them into more trouble than they would ever imagine...............................Let us pray that many more MJ Akbars are born who is honest and brave enough to call a spade a spade.
With regards,

Have just read your piece 'Toothless Leaders...' I thought it was excellent
-- acute, comprehensive and hard-hitting. Thanks and congratulations.
- Sukanta chaudhuri
I liked your recent articles on the Mumbai attacks. Very thought provoking. I have written this poem to appeal to all Indians stay united. People often make personal New Year resolutions. I appeal to all Indians to a make a New Year resolution for the country in 2009 - to not let anyone divide us. I also ask everyone to hold a candle light vigil on 1/1/09 at 8pm in the night. Please read the poem.

Ravindra Pumagame

New India Revolution

Gang of ten did not just leave Mumbai hurt
Evil men left a deep scar in every Indian's heart

Many more are in wait to see our hallowed land divided
It's time for all the Indians to stay strong and united

Umpteen were signs our guardians did not heed
Rifles that fire are what our police badly need

Nation's leadership is impotent but indeed safe
Why do we all commoners feel naked, unsafe?

Public money is filling up the private coffers
Police vest is ridden with bullets, they in coffins

Rise India Rise, it's time for action
Let our leaders know of their inaction

Come January, make a New Year Resolution
Come together, let's start a New India Revolution

Let us stick together as one India, undivided
The country that makes us all feel so proud

On New Year day after sundown step out at eight
Let us all show the world our unity and might

Please bring out a candle in your hand to light
A billion candles make our future so bright.
M J Akbar's 'How Pakistan insulates India from Terror' was interesting. Dr. Ambedkar's view that India would be better off divided has come true. Had it not been the case, I doubt we would have been a democracy and not like the present day Pakistan, ours too would have been the most dangerous place to live. A united India and Pakistan has caught the imagination of some of our politicians but on reading this piece, I am sure they would have second thoughts. Akbar rightly observes that with the passage of time, even Indian Muslims have completely abandoned any residual temptation for Pakistan. Hence it is natural they would expect to be treated as equals.
- Sandeep Nimbark, Ahmedabad
First article of your series CRESCENTS & CROISSANTS in TOI really appealed me, only respecting and understanding of religions of each other is a modern era’s tool to spread
the message of ISLAM or any other. Basically all leads to almighty or SARVASHAKTIMAN. To club humanity in one chain this has become must to understand Allah/God/Ishwar, following your message we only can quote Mahatma Gandhi- Ishwar, Allah tero naam sabko sammati de Bhagwan.
- Pandit MUSTAFA ARIF - Chief Editor, Tourism Express, Delhi-India
Congratulations on your coming back now with "Covert". You have once again demonstrated that you have to survive despite many odds.- A U Asif, Editor, www.fanawatch.com
Cheers and Congratulations on the new magazine you are bringing out with remarkable speed. We wish the new Enterprise all the best and hope it carves yet another landmark in Magazine Journalism and as a secular Scientific, Non-aligned Journal in the cause of the common people and quality Journalism which is now on the decline.- S.k. Pande
Director, Delhi Media Centre for Research and Publications (DMCRP)
Congratulation for opening another great inning with the 'Covert' magazine. I hope that it would be another great endeavour which would definitely set the trends in the field of journalism. Of course, this latest magazine would not only attract readers but it would develop and shape the brains and mind of the readers as it was rightly quoted about you that you are 'a brand in himself.' It will be a milestone in the History of Indian journalism. I wish you all the best in your endeavour for a good quality media product. -Mirza Anwarulhaq Baig, Jamia Nagar, Okhla
greetings and warm congratulations on the birth of a new baby, who I fully expect to grow healthy and strong, oft loved, much feared, and sometimes attacked and that is as it should be with an honest journo and a fair mag.
god bless you - John Dayal
Kindly accept my congratulation on the publication of you magazine ‘Covert’. I hope it will be ground breaking and a historic land mark in the modern world of print media.
This magazine will be a hope for the ignored and undoubtedly it will be in front. Regardless of being a high caliber journalist you have developed a creative literary style of writing and your assessments also covers the true psychological side of the
case. - Dr.Equbal Wajid, Jubail .K.S.A
Many congratulations for yet another journalstic endeavour and I am really looking forward to go through Covert. I am very sure you will make it the most readable magazine! - Elisa Patnaik
With regard to your fortnightly political magazine -- Covert, I would like to provide some feedback even before it has been launched! Since the feedback comes from a person who incidentally, is not only my mentor but also your mentor in your initial years at TOI, I felt that I should be passing on this information to you.
Over, the weekend, I, along with one of my friends, had gone to meet Prof. P K Ravindranath. Our conversation revolved around many issues including the current rut that the media is in. Then, during the course of our discussion, I asked Ravi Sir regarding his opinion about how effective Covert would be. Ravi Sir's response was swift and clear. "Well, knowing Akbar, I would say, Covert would be a great success. He has a knack for making a success of anything that he takes up -- Sunday (the magazine), Telegraph, and the Asian Age are shining examples. Although he has a huge challenge in making it quite different from all the existing news magazines, I'm confident that he'll make it a resounding success."
Come May, and I feel Covert won't let down Ravi's expectations. Wishing you all the best! - Minhaj
I am a regular reader of Byline and of your books since 2002 initially via Asian Age when I used to live in Mumbai and then the newspaper's website after I migrated to Australia. Many of my personal views, especially on economy and politics are formed or reflect from writings by you and your colleagues, especially Seema Musafa.
I never wrote to you but the way you were treated prompted me to write to support you, however small and worthless it may be.
I wish you all the best for the launch of your new magazine. -Hasnain Zaheer
AA without you is unimaginable, I am not drawn to it any more now - was
hooked to it since its birth mainly for your refreshing articles. I can't be
anybody's fan; but I do appreciate and admire the high intellectual caliber of
your writings on current affairs and human concerns. After your exit from AA, I
started looking for you on the net. - Anil Kowshik
I learnt about Akbar Sahib's dismissal from Tehelka, and later read Khusy Sir
venting out in Outlook Magazine. I am an M J Akbar fan, like many others. His
byline in Hyderabad's Deccan Chronicle was the only readable piece. Now I will
see DC only to go through classified ads!
Good that his bylines are alive and kicking on his blog. Like Iqbal said:
"Dil sey jo baat nikalti hain, asar rakhti hain....
Par nahi, taqaat-e-parwaaz magar rakhti hain"
I am sure and wish Akbar Sahib's pen never ever dries, and his power of speech
is take greater heights.
I register my protest against MJ's ouster from Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle. I
have discontinued subscribing to Asian Age!!! Cant imagine such humiliation to
India's number one journalist! - Naseem Naqvi
Dear Mr M J Akbar,
From "India:The Siege Within" onwards, you have been doing a terrific job. The Asian age is poorer by your departure.
God bless you and may your tribe increase!- Alex Zachariah, Pennsylvania, USA
I started reading your bylines about 3 years ago. I save a copy of every article!
I read news via a RSS reader. Your Byline feed is the one of the few I read as soon as I see a new article.
I have been wondering why there weren't any new articles for the past two weeks. I read Khushwant Signh's 'F*** All Editors' in Outlook India and discovered about what happened at Asian Age. Went to asianage.com and searched for your name on home page. Couldn't find! I am speechless. - Nalin
I stay in Dubai and it is a routine for me on every Sunday to go to the Asian Age page just to read M. J.Akbar's editorial. I dont know why his article is not coming on Asian Age or Deccan Chronicle since the past couple of weeks.

It definetly is a loss for them since I like most readers referred to those sites just because of his article.

In fact when I was based in India (Hyderabad), I loved the news coverage of The Hindu but I had subscribed to Deccan Chronicle just because of this article.
I started subscribing to DC Madras Edition ever since it was launched , only to read your Editorial Page Article on Sundays and other articles by good columnists. But for the last two Sundays I am missing your Articles.
I will highly appreciate a reply from you amidst your busy schedule.
The in-house top drawer moves in a newspaper establishment may also add up to be news for its readers. When a regular columnist cannot be read any more, or the boss himself goes for a toss, readers in general have a right to know the goings-on. Freedom of expression should be an inalienable and omnipresent right. In the name of one crow does not eat another’ carcass or some other similar crap truth should not be suppressed or shunned on the altar of propriety and ethics or business imperatives.

For more than a week there is no way for The Asian Age’s readers to know whither has M J Akbar gone. Has he been removed or taken ill or he has gone for greener pastures? Until very recently his name had been inextricably intermingled with the daily. Let us know at any rate the outlines of the truth. - Kushal Kumar Gupta, Kolkata


At the outset its an unconquerable honor getting in touch with you, the great journalist and author of our sacrosanct India. I've been mesmerized to the core, ever since I visited your blog/website  and studied your magnificent writings/books in detail. Words are too frugal to express my immense appreciation of your courageous journalistic writings/articles and books. I've been a great Fan all throughout and find your 
articles, inspiring, evoking and revolutionary stirring to the soul. Your impeccable, yet lucid analysis of any situation, makes it an enormous delight to read through your writings and has led to my enlightenment, in understanding several world and national issues. 

I also saw all your books at your website mjakbar.org, right from "Blood Brothers" your latest to "Byline" . They are great tributes to the spirit of existence and depicting it brilliantly in its various forms. The analysis is brilliant and at times so realistic, that it transports the reader right to the situation-as if happening right infront of one's eyes. I feel my life to be much replenished and blessed, having discovered your blog in particular...It's one of the classiest blogs I've ever witnessed by India's prime and courageous journalist to the fore - providing readers with all the renaissance 
leading writings that they ever needed. -Nikhil Parekh 
Recently I had read a book written by you entitled ‘Kashmir Behind The Vale’ and ‘Byline’ and I am just delighted to have read these two work in detail. Must say Sir, though a man brought up in RSS traditions I am forced to appreciate your work and writing skills.
-U. Mahesh Prabhu
Frankly, I did not knew the meaning of Blog nor I ever tried to open this site, though I was opening the Asian Age site from long. Very frankly and candidly, I thoroughly enjoyed reading every article. Is the blog site write ups keep changing every day or it is only one time reading for us. 
It is a good effort and worth continuing. My best wishes to the team behind this splendid effort. - Jugraj Singh Shahi 

I am very moved by your article today. Indeed, John Paul, II lived beyond the age of reason. That he became a spokesperson for peace by becoming Pope of the Catholic Church is miracle in itself. And the world is a better place because of that miracle. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. By having done so, you too, have touched the hearts of millions through the life of this fine man, Karol Jozef Wojtyla ~ Pope John Paul, II. 
Bless you. - T'Lene Tillotson ,Georgia, USA 


I must first mention that I am a big fan of Byline. My love for "Byline"
began whilst I was working for the Indian department in a London law firm.
I also read Shade of Swords which interested me a great deal. The biography of Nehru written by you is on my list of books to read.
I wish you the very best of luck for your endeavors for the future. -Karam Komireddy, Advocate, Hyderabad,

You have an Excellent Blog! Keep it up!

The outline and graphics of this blogsite are excellent, and I wish that the Asian age could be similarly pleasing to the eye. -Atul

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