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New Book Published by M J Akbar
 "Fratelli di Sangue"
Italian Translated version of Blood Brothers

ISBN 978-88-545-0186-7
Pagine 352 Pages 352
Euro 18,50 Euro 18.50
Collana: Le tavole d'oro Series: The tables gold

Fratelli di Sangue
Published by Neri Pozza

The Launch event was attended by M J Akbar, (the author), the chairman of the Group-Gmc Adnkronos Knights of Labour and Joseph Marra, and the Deputy chairman Of the Italy-India Sandro Gozi, the president of 'Ducati Energy' Guidalberto Guidi, the chairman of Piaggio Group Roberto Colaninno and The entrepreneur Maurizio Romiti.

Photo Gallery : Launch of Fratelli di Sangue

More Link: Our Strength is Unity in Diversity

MJ at Grinzane Cavour Awards

Photographs courtesy : Sunil Deepak

Grinzane Cavour is a literary event organised in Turin in north Italy, that includes awards to important literary works and translations. In January 2008, the international Grinzane award was given to Syrian poet Adonis and to Giorgio Amitrano for translations from Japanese. At the same ceremony winners of Italian annual literary awards were also announced. The Grinzane jury including various eminent writers from the world including Tahar Ben Jalloun, Luis Sepulveda, Rosetta Loy, Bjorn Larsson, Peter Schneider, were present in the cermony.
At this occasion, a conference on Indian writings was also organised that brought together Uday Prakash, Bhagwan Dass Morewal, Gayathri Murthy, M.J. Akbar, Shashi Tharoor, Altaf Tyrewala, Lavanya Shankaran, Anita Nair, Sudhir Kakkar, Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal, Tarun J. Tejpal & Vikas Swarup. Federico Rampini, the Italian author of the new book Speranza dell'India was also present. - Sunil Deepak

Blood Brothers  by M J Akbar
(Last Published 2006)

Blood Brothers
| MJ Books & BB Reviews

My grandfather died while I was playing on his chest, that was my first stroke of luck. My elder aunt, dark, wise, hunched against her corner of the courtyard, promptly declared that his soul, seething with miracles, had passed into me.

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New Book Published by M J Akbar

 "Fratelli di Sangue" - Italian Translated version of Blood Brothers

   M.J.Akbar Blood Brothers

M.J. Akbar presenta il suo romanzo "Fratelli di Sangue" al Palazzo dell'Informazione

Fratelli di Sangue
Published by Neri Pozza

SBN 978-88-545-0186-7
Pagine 352 Pages 352
Euro 18,50 Euro 18.50
Collana: Le tavole d'oro Series: The tables gold

The novel was presented in Rome at the headquarters of Adnkronos on 15th January 2008
Watch the Launch Video Here.(In English)
Photo Gallery : Launch of Fratelli di Sangue

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coverProphet Mohammed's wisdom 'Ink of a Scholar is more holy than the blood of Martyr' is right said! Great Faith, Great Reveleations, Great Concern, Great Efforts and a 'Bold, Outspoken Voice by MJ, the Shade of Swords traces the roots of Jihad - 'It is not an invitation to kill; it is an invitation to die'. Islamic faith demands in a holy war, the blood of faithful in the defense of their faith and this is Jihad. MJ traces the origins of Jihad, a research of hard work that has a fantastic, gripping story journeying across across centuries and continents, written after the fall of Moscow.

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- Read Chapter 1 & 2
Read More - Review by Robin Elsham-Reuter Journalist
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This book delves deep into the past for the roots of Kashmiriyat, the identity and culture that has blossomed within the ring of mountains for thousands of years.

Kashmir lies at the edge of India’s borders and at the heart of India’s consciousness. It is not geography that is the issue; Kashmir also guards the frontiers of ideology. If there was a glow of hope in the deepening shadows of a bitter partition, then it was Kashmir, whose people consciously rejected the false patriotism of fundamentalism and made common cause with secular India instead of theocratic Pakistan. Kashmir was, as Sheikh Abdullah said and Jawaharlal Nehru believed, a stabilizing force for India. Why has that harmony disintegrated? Why has the promise been stained by the blood of rebellion? The Book shows Kashmir’s struggle in the century to first free itself from feudal oppression and then enter the world of modern India in 1947. Placing the mistakes and triumphs of those early, formative years in the perspective of history, the book says how the 1980s have opened the way for Kashmir’s hitherto marginalized secessionists. Both victory and defeat have their lessons; to forget either is to destabilize the future. Kashmir and the mother country are inextricably linked. India cannot afford to be defeated in her Kashmir.

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Read Chapter 1 & 2
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riot.jpg (13771 bytes)Earlier, I visited numerous riot- torn cities , towns and villages -Jamshedpur, Moradabad, Sarthupur, Meerut- to discover what lay behind the outbreaks of communal and caste violence that have taken place in India after Partition . In riot after riot, I pen down my findings that the basic cause for the communal frenzy is the same: poverty , economic deprivation and a history which has been perverted and misused by religious zealots.

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- Read Chapter 1 & 2
- Riot After Riot
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nehru.gif (11352 bytes)This book has been published in the centennial year of Jawaharlal Nehru's birth, this massive biography of India's first prime minister Nehru.Critics have charged Nehru with a loss of nerve in 1947, when he rejected Gandhi's stance of "no freedom without unity," It is that Nehru agreed to the partition of India and Pakistan because he was convinced that Muhammad Ali Jinnah, chief Muslim separatist, was capable of setting a torch to the whole subcontinent. Jinnah, pushed for partition in order to further his own political ambitions. The book also reveals glimpses of Churchill's vicious hatred of Indians, his unholy alliance with Jinnah and the famine the British did little to alleviate in the early 1940s. It's the biography of Jawaharlal Nehru with the history of the Indian Independence Movement from 1890 to 1948. It focus on relationships between the British and Jinnah's Muslim League and a read to know the Facts

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Read Chapter 1 & 2
- Nehru - Making of India
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siege.gif (1776 bytes)Traces the history of India since the Partition in 1947, and analyzes the current political situation and India's future : Amazon.com Synopsis
India: The Siege Within is the account of achievements of India’s secular democracy as well as its vulnerability and failures. I've elaborated the origins and nature of the strains on Indian unity which have deep roots in history.

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India : The Siege Within
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Byline-book.gif (4085 bytes)"Journalism is the only profession that permits you to travel without making you a travelling salesman. You become, in a way, a travelling purchaser...Words are the currency of this transaction: You buy images with words, and then you pass them with words as well" - M.J. Akbar


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(April 2006)
M.J.Akbar Blood Brothers
Book Blurbs:

“A skilfully crafted family saga down three generations packed with information of events in the country and the world, particularly changing Hindu-Muslim relations. It could be a textbook on how to write, mix fact, fiction and history. It is beautifully written; it deserves to be in
Category A1.”
Khushwant Singh
Author & Historian
“I enjoyed M.J.Akbar’s Blood Brothers [as though it were] my own biography... It is an exquisitely written narrative of truth disguised in fiction and ends on a note that is deeply moving and unforgettable.”
Sunil Gangopadhyay
Pre-eminent Bengali novelist
“M.J. Akbar’s Blood Brothers is a marvellous work of history in the form of a deeply engaging story of a Muslim family in Bengal. The exploration of the complex interface between Muslims and Hindus over the last 150 years has the freshness of a first-person experience which it actually is. A work of considerable charm, grace and insight. A worthy companion to his earlier book shade of swords on the Islam/West encounter.”
Shyam Benegal
Renowned film-maker
Blood Brothers is M.J. Akbar’s amazing story of three generations of a Muslim family – based on his own – in Telinipara and how they deal with the fluctuating contours of Hindu-Muslim relations.

Telinipara, a small jute mill town some 30 miles north of Kolkata along the Hooghly, is a complex Rubik's Cube of migrant Bihari workers, Hindus and Muslims; Bengalis, poor and 'bhadralok'; and Sahibs who live in the safe, 'foreign' world of Victoria Jute Mill. Into this scattered inhabitation enters a child on the verge of starvation, Prayaag, who is saved and adopted by a Muslim family, converts to Islam and takes on the name of Rahmatullah. As Rahmatullah knits Telinipara into a community, friendship, love, trust and faith are continually tested by the cancer of riots. Incidents - conversion, circumcision, the arrival of plague or electricity - and a fascinating array of characters - the ultimate Brahmin, Rahmatullah's friend Girija Maharaj, the workers' leader Bauna Sardar, the storyteller Talat Mian, the poet-teacher Syed Ashfaque, the smiling mendicant, Burha Deewana, the sincere Sahib, Simon Hogg, and then the questioning, demanding third generation of the author and his friend Kamala - interlink into a narrative of social history as well as a powerful memoir.

Blood Brothers is a chronicle of its age, its canvas as enchanting as its narrative, a personal journey through change as tensions build, stretching the bonds of a lifetime to breaking point and demanding, in the end, the greatest sacrifice. Its last chapters, written in a bare-bones, unemotional style are the most moving, as the author searches for hope amid raw wounds with a surgeon's scalpel.






Cobra II by Michael R. Gordon

The inside story of the Invasion & Occupation of Iraq. Well-written, thought provoking even if not always in agreement


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